What your support has done for these animals in need all over southern Idaho...


Jason's eye surgery, all shots, mite treatments and neuter.

22 rabies shots

5 other neuters.

West Valley-

Atlas medical cost for severe wounds $750.00


20 spay/neuters


5 neuters

Broken Hearts-

Indigo's abscessed tooth is fixed and she is spayed with all shots paid for.

Miss Murphy $300

6 pups fully vaccinated and fixed and mothers spayed.

4 of the pups have had 2 rounds of shots.





Because of your monetary donations, Stella's Shelter fund has helped so many animals in need!

Minidoka Animal Rescue-Jason

When rescued by Minidoka Animal Rescue, Jason was abused and used as a "bait-dog" for illegal pit-bull fighting. Jason's eye lashes were growing into his eye lids which is severely painful. Because of your support, Jason has fully recovered from eye surgery, has had mite treatment, all shots including rabies and been neutered. Jason was adopted this past February.