Meet Jennifer Terra


I have always loved animals; growing up, I wanted one of everything, or maybe two. When I lived in California, we had dogs, cats and birds. When I was twelve, and we moved to Blaine county, I broadened my horizons and wanted racoons, skunks and rabbits. My life continued with dogs, cats and a bird, as well as two hamsters and some fish, but luckily for the wild animals, I was never allowed to keep them as pets.

I have lived in Blaine County for most of my life; whenever I left, I couldn’t wait to come back. For the past sixteen years, I have worked at Sushi on Second. I became interested in live theater and now volunteer for Company of Fools. In the summertime, my husband and I garden—flowers and vegetables, pots and beds. I spend as much time as I can in the mountains, hiking, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, anything I can do with the dogs. We have two rescued dogs, Wenona, an Anatolian shepherd mix and Sonya, a pitbull mix, and one rescued tuxedo kitty, Wenona’s best friend, Gatsby.

I spent years volunteering at The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley, training and socializing dogs and playing with the cats. My lifelong love of animals quickly became a passion for helping the homeless ones. Those that come through the shelters have so much to offer, each one unique, each rescue life-affirming and endlessly rewarding. The idea for Stella’s fund grew out of a desire to bring the benefits that we are so lucky with here in our county to other shelters where there is as much love and desire but not the same remarkable financial support.