Meet HOlly Mora


From the time when I was seven years old and brought home my first stray, a puppy I had found in the middle of the road, I have been rescuing dogs. A black and white ball of fluff I called Mona, she was mine for three days until my mom found her owner. Of course, there was no shelter then, and I had high hopes she would be mine forever. It started with Mona, and since then helping dogs has been central to my life.

I grew up in the Wood River Valley, and other than several years when I spent as much time as possible working and studying at an ashram in India, I have always lived here. I went to school here, met my husband here and we started our business, High Altitude Fitness, in downtown Ketchum eighteen years ago. With our boxer, Sophie and our pitbull, Petey, we take full advantage of the mountains and wilderness.

I have always worked with and for animals, most recently volunteering for more than a decade at our local shelter. I spent my time there with the dogs—training, socializing and just giving love and affection where there has been so little. The plight of homeless dogs and cats, their suffering and their remarkable ability to overcome, rebound and forgive, continues to be a driving force in my life. From that love and concern, I wanted to start Stella’s fund to benefit animals in other parts of Southern Idaho where there is such tremendous need.